PRBL - Practices

Each Team in PRBL has a practice each week.


Please be sure to show up for practice at your scheduled time, and not more than 5 minutes early. Please do not bounce the ball in the hallway of a school. Please do not start dribbling or passing or otherwise playing with a basketball the ball prior to your scheduled time. Please do not bounce the ball against any wall except a gym wall. Please wait quietly in the hallway, or against the wall in the gym until it is your time to practice. Please stand still to avoid disrupting the practice currently in session.

Be ready to listen to your Coach. Pay attention too. Remember, your Coach is a volunteer ready to help you. Please be considerate. Remember, without him or her, you cannot play basketball.

Please stop your practice 5 minutes before the hour and talk as a team. This is not an indication for the next team to start but rather a nice way of letting them know you are almost done. This also allows for some quiet time for you to talk to your team.


Sometimes there are planned school closings, or in some cases unplanned closings, or a inclement weather closings which can cause your team to miss a practice. At times you may show up for a scheduled practice only to find the school has been closed. PRBL sincerely apologizes for such. Unfortunately we fail to communicate at times. Missed practices can be made up. Your Coach has a list of Gym Availability dates and will communicate them to you, along with make up dates. Sometimes however there may not be an opportunity to make up a missed practice.