PRBL Story



PRBL is setup with boys teams and girls teams as follows:

  • Kindergarten & 1st Grade
    2nd Grade
    3rd & 4 Grade
    5th & 6th Grade
    7th & 8th Grade
    9th & 10th Grade
  • 11th & 12th Grade (COED)
  • Regular practices and games are held each week starting early November.
  • Season November - March

We remember…and our players and our parents know…

The use of Pennsbury School District gyms is a privilege that has been granted to PRBL. In order to maintain this privilege, our coaches, players, parents and siblings to adhere to the following rules:

- No one is allowed in areas of the school other than the gym and its immediate vicinity

- Food and drink are not allowed in the gyms at any time !
- Smoking is
not permitted in any school facility or on school grounds

Our Players wear PRBL shirts at all practices and games.


It takes a number of volunteers run the league. 150 Coaches and a dedicated staff and all Pennsbury School Principals and Staff for their cooperation and teamwork to make it all happen !

The PRBL league has supplied and paid for all adjustable basketball rims at the Oxford Valley School and other schools to facilitate our clinics, and for the school gym use.

We have also purchased a new state of the art scorers table for the High School gym for the JV and Varsity games, for Boys and Girls teams.